Total Security Solutions

▶ Bank, ATM, Corporate & Industrial Guarding

atmimg Every security officer is screened to meet individual customer needs. Security personnel are highly qualified, responsible professionals who take pride in their work. To identify reliable personnel, GFM uses a rigid company hiring process that includes background screening and where applicable drug testing. GFM understands that strong management depends on a superior field support staff. Our management has extensive experience in law enforcement, as well as the private security industry. Our 24 hour International Communications Center ensures our resources are available to our customers at any time of the day or night. Appearances can make a difference with each client’s locations. We can staff the officers in a suit or standard uniform.Uniformed security personnel are available from border to border round the clock to meet those unexpected security needs when an emergency or other afterhour’s access is necessary.

▶ Risk Analysis & Loss Prevention

atmimg We believe the best way to provide services to retailers are to partner with former industry executives who understand the problems facing specialty retailers and to utilize and implement their success for security strategies. We draft your loss prevention and security policies and procedures, Perform risk analyses for your corporate offices, distribution centers, stores and other critical business operations such as jewelry merchandising, transport and storage,Create a shrink prevention program that has proven compatibility in a specialty retail environment, Conduct your most confidential special investigations when an executive or missing funds is involved, Advise you on the best way to re-engineer your loss prevention department and consider the pros and cons associated with outsourcing that responsibility and Train you in how to perform your own in house pre-screening checks and conduct your own background inquiries.

▶ Security Consultancy

atmimg New threats to commerce and industry are being identified and the retail environment with its mall presence is a looming potential target. Thoughtful and realistic retail security programs will value deterrence. Forging strong vendor ties to meet these needs on a full time or part time basis is central to the deflection of those risks. This is serious business and should only be handled by true professionals with the training, experience and credentials to handle the job.

▶ Crisis & Disaster Mitigation

atmimg We recognizes the need for emergency security services, whether in response to alarm malfunctions, access control failures, physical plant emergencies, terrorist events, threatened employees, and even hurricanes and other natural disasters.Our Emergency Services are a unique, flexible, and cost-effective means to providing experienced and vetted officers for your short-term needs. Utilizing the company’s Communications Center with its state-of- the- art telephone and LAN technologies, we can provide around-the- clock direct coordination with officers, supervisors and clients.

▶ Fire Control & Evacuation

atmimg As a full-service security organization, GFM provides you with a system that meets yourFire preventing requirements. We can also design, specify, install, and provide drawings, parts, tie-in, final hook-ups and any other services involving a commercial fire alarm system.Annual inspection of your fire alarm systems, testing of your sprinkler supervisory devices, checking of your notification devices — these things must be done to insure proper operation and maintain their life-safety aspects, not to mention the protection of your business assets. We'll do it right and give you the reports that the inspectors need.Smoke detectors and heat detectors wear out and can lose their sensitivity, or be broken in the course of normal operations. Regular functionality and sensitivity tests will tell you if your detectors really work.

▶ Electronic Security- CCTV & Access Control

atmimg With the full line of video monitoring equipment we offer you to keep an eye on your business, even when you're not there! Special low-light capabilities and long-term recording make sure you can keep track of everything you should. Remote video viewing, live or recorded, interest you? We can help, whether you want to see it on a television, computer, separate monitor or your mobile device.Outstanding access control solutions are just a phone call away. Let us help you manage your facility or multiple locations by caring for the daily reports, changes and other issues that come up; even issuing new user access right from our Central Station. No need to have people spending hours on the access system trying to recall the procedures.

▶ Hospitality & Event Management

atmimg We offer special event security services designed to handle any size public or private event. At events where crowd sizes number from the hundreds to the thousands or at venues ranging in size from school auditoriums to professional stadiums and arenas, we are able to create a security program suited to your event needs. We are proven experts in the unique security challenges presented by large events. To ensure the best and most comprehensive coverage, we settle with your management and event staff to identify potential threats and develop effective strategies to meet them. Our special event management personnel are security professionals and former high-ranking law enforcement leaders who have planned and executed every type of event under the most rigorous conditions, including: parades, demonstrations, conventions and sporting events.

▶ Cash Management

atmimg We provide the way that a company will manage all aspects of the financial end of the business, such as the collection of revenue as well as the investing of the company's cash and other assets. This helps businesses to stay afloat financially. A trusted partner with established networks and strong relationships with central banks, we bring together our expertise in cash management, logistics, intelligent systems, managing one of the world’s largest international workforces, and the knowledge derived from providing security and cash solutions in diverse regulatory environments around the world.

▶ Security & Safety Audit

atmimg We understand the threats that disrupt the facility operation and the losses suffered by clients due to theft. The teams do a thorough investigation to determine whether or not correct and appropriate procedures have been followed and complied with in order to prevent such losses.GFM Security AuditsReview and Inspection covers the range of security implementation including both human and technical resources. Resultant recommendations will cover suggested enhancements to staffing levels, skills training and equipment levels. We believe in nurturing a strong culture of safety and we continuously put effort into ensuring our clients maintain a safe working environment. We do this by offering a comprehensive health, safety, environmental and risk management consultancy service for commercial buildings, construction sites, banks, warehouses, manufacturing units, small, medium and large industrial plants and office premises. With teams located across India we are one of the leading providers of Safety Audits for any location.

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